Highlight 3 | Issue | Opinion | Premium | Jan 21 2020

Joe Joyce: ‘Daniel Dubois is predictable and basic’

But, in his own words, Joe Joyce says it would be a massive British fight for him
Joe Joyce
Action Images/Adam Holt

I was meant to fight Marco Huck on January 11 (for the European title) but that fell through. It’s still annoying that I haven’t boxed since July. That’s a long time in camp training for nothing. I’m keen to get back through the ropes.

There’s talk of me fighting Daniel Dubois. It’s a bit of a step down, domestic, Commonwealth level, but obviously Daniel Dubois is a big name. He’s been built very well, a lot of people know who he is, even though he’s been fighting guys like Kyotaro Fujimoto, who would be a demolition job for me as well.

Globally it’s not that big but domestically it is huge. It would be massive for British boxing fans and I’m sure they would get behind it.