Feature | Jul 30 2014

Joe Ham: ‘Qais Ashfaq is going to need an army to beat me’

Blue-haired Ham will be bringing one, writes John Dennen
Joe Ham

JOE HAM has been loving every moment of these Commonwealth Games in his Glasgow hometown. Spotted with a distinctive blue Mohican haircut relishing the opening ceremony, he boxes England’s Qais Ashfaq in their 56kgs quarter-final today (July 30).

“He’s beat me [in the past], I’ve beat him, we know each other, we’ve sparred loads of rounds. It’s a level playing field but I feel like he’s going to need an army to beat me,” Joe told Boxing News.

But he might be entering the ring today without the blue Mohawk. “I think I’ll shave it off,” he confessed. “It’s a bit annoying having to spray it. All my pillows in the village are just blue.”