Fitness | Gear | Training | Jun 23 2016

Joe Gallagher and the science of suffering

Top coach Joe Gallagher gives a trainer’s perspective on the latest wearable technology for boxing, CORNER from Athletec
Joe Gallagher
Gallaghers-Gym---Cover-Photo  |  Athletec

“YOU can’t hide, you can’t rest.”

This is not an audition for the latest Taken film, Joe Gallagher, the reigning coach of the year, is describing the unrelenting attitude to training that has helped his gym produce world champion after world champion.

Gallagher is a forward-thinking coach, who for instance uses heartrate monitors on his fighters when they do their running, to make sure breaks are minimised to only the recovery time they need and no more. He’s even been known to count punches during a training session himself. CORNER, the new device from Athletec that slots into a boxer’s handwraps, measures the number of punches, type thrown, intensity and more.