News | Sep 25 2016

Jhonny Gonzalez flattens Yamamoto in the first round

Veteran Jhonny Gonzalez dazzles Cancun crowd with knockout victory
Jhonny Gonzalez
Gonzalez  |  Action Images

THREE time world champion Jhonny Gonzalez (62-10, 52 KOs) is on a four fight win streak after knocking out Hirotsugu Yamamoto (19-13-2, 3 KOs) in Cancun, Mexico, on Saturday night.

For Gonzalez, the stay-busy fight went exactly as expected. The Japanese southpaw was an eager opponent but the difference in skill and experience was immediately apparent after their first few exchanges.

Yamamoto seemed uncomfortable in front of the partisan Mexican crowd, throwing cautious jabs as Gonzalez attempted to close the distance. Midway through the round, Gonzalez began testing the waters with his signature left hand. An uppercut – left hook combination knocked down his rival, but Yamamoto argued, justifiably, that their feet tangled as he reeled to the canvas.


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