I’m ready to go. I’m well-prepared. I’ve been in training camp for about 10 weeks. When you guys saw me before, I wasn’t this built but now I’m ready and I’m excited. I can take on any man in this division.

Training camp was great. We had world champion Errol Spence Jr in camp and a bunch of undefeated fighters. I stopped a few, dropped a few, but that’s not the name of the game. It’s all about training and getting the work done to be prepared for June 9.

Austin Trout is a veteran fighter but I don’t believe he’s going to stand in the pocket and try to fight me. I don’t think there’s a single fighter in this weight division that would try to do that, not even [Jarrett] Hurd. If Trout does try that, the night will end fast.

I’m definitely growing as a fighter and growing as a man. If Trout wants to bang, let’s bang. I don’t care what Barry Hunter has or what he does, it’s not going to be able to beat me and Derrick James. I don’t necessarily think Trout is as tough as me so if he can’t put up the skills and match my ability, he won’t beat me that night.

The Lara-Hurd fight was a great fight. Hurd did what he had to do but I’m a completely different fighter from Erislandy Lara. I’m not here to waste punches. I’m not saying Lara didn’t do a great job but I do believe that his conditioning wasn’t there. I’ve focused my whole life on training. I’m single, I don’t have a family that I have to focus on like some of these other guys. It’s all boxing.

This is a doubleheader. I’m not a co-main event or a featured star bout. I did that years ago. How many people leave after I fight? Everybody left after the [Erickson] Lubin fight. I’m going to continue to do what I do. I definitely want to headline for you guys and do it here at STAPLES Center and possibly in Brooklyn. I prefer L.A. though, it’s all nice people and palm trees. They don’t have that in New York.

I have a great team behind me that won’t allow me to get distracted by the bright lights of L.A. I don’t believe that it’s in my mind to worry about anything outside of the ring. My objective is to win Saturday night and then I can get out of the ring and have a great time with my brother.

I’m trying to come in and change some things about boxing. I believe I can make it happen. I think every boxer should have their own media day. [Leo] Santa Cruz had his own media day. Abner [Mares] had his own media day. I had my own media day. If we can continue that task as fighters, I think it will bring a much bigger audience to boxing.

I don’t think that whenever the WBC reaches out about a fight that they’re doing it just to play around. This sport is serious. We would love to be a part of a GGG fight. We’re tired of hearing the media say to put the Charlos in there with better competition. I’ve heard that every fight. As long as I’m winning fights and I’m entertaining the fans, that’s what I’m going to do.

I think I could definitely fight at 168lbs. I might just keep growing through the weight divisions. It’s easy.

I was super excited about the video that came out today with Gizzle. It was astounding to me to see an artist come out and produce a song like that about the Charlos and it was even better with the video of the knockouts that me and my brother have.

My fight is won in the gym. I definitely dedicate myself every time I go into a training camp and I spend thousands of dollars on my body and on my training. I sacrifice the fun of being in L.A. to train and be in the best condition possible to fight