News | Apr 05 2019

Jamie McDonnell still believes he could have slayed ‘Monster’ Inoue

Former WBA bantamweight champion Jamie McDonnell says weight-making was one of the reasons he succumbed to Naoya Inoue inside a round last May
Jamie McDonnell
Jamie McDonnell  |  Naoki Fukuda

IT’S not often you hear a fighter finished inside a round maintain they still possess the ability to beat the man who stopped them, but Jamie McDonnell doesn’t care what’s deemed normal or not.

The former WBA bantamweight champion is adamant he has Naoya Inoue’s number and attributes weight-making horrors to the first-round loss he suffered at the hands of the Japanese star last May. On another day, at another weight, it would have been a different story, McDonnell claims.

“I still believe I can beat Inoue, but I just pushed the weight too long at my age,” the Doncaster man told Boxing News this week.