News | Aug 12 2018

James DeGale: ‘Carl Froch did the right thing’

But James DeGale still wants domestic grudge matches of his own, writes John Dennen
James DeGale
James DeGale_012  |  Scott Hirano/SHOWTIME

JAMES DEGALE hasn’t made a habit of praising Carl Froch. Before Froch retired DeGale was his mandatory challenger, calling for the fight. But DeGale has to admit that Froch retired at the top.

“I think that’s just the way the sport is. He’s done the right thing, didn’t he, really? Look at me, I’m coming to the end of my career now. I just vacated my belt because I had to fight this dangerous Venezuelan [Jose Uzcategui], was going to get little money for it, or there’s opportunity where I can fight in domestic grudge matches and earn very good money. What do I do? And that’s what Carl Froch done. He thought why am I going to fight this young and upcoming, hungry fighter when I’ve just knocked out George Groves? I’ve made 10 mill, I’m gone,” DeGale told Boxing News.

“You’ve got to give Carl Froch credit because he went out on top. What a way to go out.”


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