History | May 31 2019

Jack Dempsey: Champion with a heart of gold, 1895-1983

The Boxing News Jack Dempsey obituary written by Frank Butler, the then News of the World Sports Editor

THE death of Jack Dempsey at the grand old age of 87 on May 31, 1983 ended that great era of boxing. Old Jack was the last link with the days of huge crowds at open-air fights and the first million dollars gates made only possible by the magic name of Dempsey, who will be always included in the list of all-time greats.

For me, personally, I’m grateful to Dempsey for some of my earliest childhood memories and for his charm and kindness to me as a boxing writer throughout the Forties and Fifties.

I was privileged to shake the hand of the great Dempsey in 1926 a few months before he lost the title he had held since 1919 to Gene Tunney.


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