Feature | Feb 13 2018

‘I’ve been striving my entire career for people to see me as Chris Eubank. Not just as Chris Eubank’s son’

Chris Eubank Jr on why he is the people's champion and how he wants to be the Chris Eubank people remember. John Dennen reports
Chris Eubank Jr
George Groves & Chris Eubank Jr Public Work-Outs  |  Action Images/Andrew Couldridge

A latte with four sugars. Chris Eubank Jr has arrived on time, relaxed, in a ‘Next Gen’ tracksuit (his own, new clothing line) and casually orders a latte with four sugars. Who drinks a latter with four sugars? Presumably not a man who is excessively troubled about the prospect of fighting WBA super-middleweight champion George Groves on Saturday, or indeed particularly worried about making weight on Friday afternoon.

Eubank sits alone. So often at his side, praising him, cajoling him, proselytising for him is his father Chris Eubank. But today Senior is absent. As it happens it’s due to a cold that the father is keeping away from the son, but the optics underscore the point Junior is making. “This isn’t about my old man. It’s about me,” Eubank Jr maintains. “These are the fights which make me my own entity.”

This could be his own historic fight, to match, maybe, his father’s legendary exploits against the likes of Nigel Benn in his heyday. “It’s on that level. It has the potential to be for sure,” Junior explains. “They separate me from anybody else, not just my father, which is what I’ve been striving for my entire career. For people to see me as Chris Eubank. Not Chris Eubank’s son.”