Opinion | Nov 23 2015

Is Saul Alvarez the only man who doesn’t fear Gennady Golovkin?

John Dennen's weekend review
USATSI_8943390_2798981_lowres  |  Joe Camporeale/USA Today Sports

IS Saul Alvarez the only man who doesn’t fear Gennady Golovkin? After an excellent victory over Miguel Cotto in Las Vegas on Saturday, Saul Alvarez is the new WBC middleweight champion. His battle cry after was simple. “I know Golovkin very well,” he said. “I have respect for him. But I’m not afraid of anybody. I’ll fight anybody, anytime.”

Golovkin has cut a swathe through the middleweight ranks, most recently dispatching David Lemieux to unify the IBF and WBA titles. Mexico’s “Canelo” hasn’t even fought at 160lbs but he’s shown every sign that he’s prepared to fight the best. Floyd Mayweather certainly exposed a callowness in Alvarez in 2013. But Alvarez, now 25, has developed. Cotto boxed well, kept mobile and used his experience, but Canelo was even better. He had an advantage in size, but also speed. He countered well, threw a fast, accurate right hand. Their fight was not as grueling as expected, but the skill level and activity from both men were superb.

If anyone can challenge Golovkin’s dominance it surely has to be Canelo. “GGG” would be favoured, his footwork alone could be his key to victory. But Alvarez would offer the feared Kazakh his toughest test to date.