News | Feb 08 2018

Is Floyd Mayweather really plotting a venture into MMA?

Ricky Hatton condemns the prospect of Floyd Mayweather fighting in the UFC
Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather alongside Ricky Hatton Action Images

IS Floyd Mayweather really plotting an unexpected venture into mixed martial arts and the UFC?

He has used social media to float the prospect. He tweeted a picture of himself wearing UFC MMA gloves in a fighting pose and captioned it ‘Billion Dollar Man.’ He also put out a video of himself standing in an Octagon, where he asked, “What are the odds?”

It seems unlikely, even though Mayweather did tempt UFC star Conor McGregor into a vastly lucrative boxing match last year. Mayweather halted McGregor but the two have been taking public swipes at each other since.


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