Is Dillian Whyte right to hold out for a greater share of the purse versus Tyson Fury?

Dillian Whyte
We ask the Boxing News panel whether they think Dillian Whyte is taking the right stance in his negotiations with Tyson Fury

Sunny Edwards
IBF flyweight belt-holder

I have no idea of the true commercial value of Dillian Whyte and what he generates by fighting – but if he doesn’t think the split is fair then I understand holding out. I’d be careful about missing out on the opportunity for a legacy fight just for money though.

Joe Gallagher
Leading trainer

Everyone knows when you’re challenging for the title and you’re the challenger, you’re not going to get the greatest money but you’re getting the opportunity. Dillian is having an opportunity to fight the number one heavyweight in the world. You’ve got to go in there and back yourself.

Paul Ready
Boxing manager

Dillian Whyte does bring plenty of value to that fight and I hope we get to see those two go at it. The build up alone will be good.

Chris McKenna
Sports reporter

Whyte is entitled to wait for whatever money he wants. But he is turning down the biggest payday of his career to fight for a world belt. So less of the ‘most avoided’ and inaccurate claims that he has been waiting for so long for his shot. If he wants it, it’s there, if he wants more money, the title is not his real aim.

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