Ron Lewis
Boxing journalist
It looks like a big risk and an unnecessary one. Since the WBC said they would back a Fury-Joshua fight next year, he won’t be getting a title shot until 2022. It was a big knockout. What does he gain by having the fight in November rather than, say, March? Povetkin isn’t getting any younger.

Thomas Hauser
Hall of Fame writer and author

Assuming that Whyte has recovered sufficiently from the knockout blow, yes. He needs a victory over Povetkin as soon as possible to make himself relevant again in the heavyweight title picture. And their first fight might have taken more out of Povetkin than it did out of Whyte.

Alex Steedman
Boxing commentator

Where else does he go or get paid as well? The big question is can Whyte iron out the creases or will Povetkin always know too much? Either way, Whyte’s attitude to crack on is terrific.

Thomas Gerbasi
Fight writer

In Whyte’s mind, lightning isn’t going to strike twice and it’s another good payday. In reality, the adults in the room should have seen that KO and put him on more than a 28-day suspension. Any fighter will want to get revenge for such a defeat; it’s up to the powers that be to protect them.