MIDDLEWEIGHT supremo Gennady Golovkin is toiling away at The Summit High Altitude Training Facility in Big Bear Lake, California for his April 23 fight with Dominic Wade.

Golovkin will defend his IBF and WBA world titles against the unbeaten American at the Forum in Los Angeles, California.

While big fights against the likes of Canelo Alvarez are in the pipeline, Golovkin’s sole focus is Wade.

“We’re working hard every day, focused only on Dominic Wade. It’s a very important fight for me, he’s an undefeated challenger. Every fight for me is important to achieve my goal of all the belts,” he said.

“I’m very excited to return to the Forum, Los Angeles is my second home, my family lives here now. I have a lot of friends and many fans who want to see me fight and I’m very thankful for that. The people love my style.”

His trainer, Abel Sanchez, also provided some insight into how ‘GGG’ has prepared for Wade.

“Dominic presents a challenge because he’s young, hungry and undefeated. We haven’t any changes in training camp because I train my fighters to be the best they can be. They have to adapt to us, we’re not going to adapt to them. Gennady works hard, he will have sparred 70-75 rounds by the end of camp, a similar amount to what he’s sparred for the last 5-6 fights,” he said.

“Gennady understands that this fight is for the IBF mandatory, if we don’t fight this guy we lose the title.”

“We’re willing to fight any middleweight champion. Billy Joe Saunders was offered the fight and he turned the fight down for this time.

“Big Bear is so slow and tranquil; it makes training easy. The altitude and weather is very important.

“Gennady has a streak going of 21 knockouts for a lot of different reasons, he was blessed with God given talent but works very hard on balance, distance and technique.

“The power that Gennady possesses with his exciting style, he’s giving the fans what they want, always pressing the action and that’s why he’s selling out arenas.”