Fitness | Technique | Feb 19 2015

Inside the fight camp: Paul Smith has been sparring with Chris Eubank Jnr to counteract Arthur Abraham

To win the rematch and the WBO super-middleweight title, Smith must deal with Abraham’s strength and his jab
Paul Smith

CHRIS EUBANK JNR was a welcome addition to Joe Gallagher’s gym to help Paul Smith prepare for his rematch with WBO super-middleweight champion Arthur Abraham in Berlin on Saturday (February 21).

“[Abraham has] got a quality jab and that’s the main reason why the Eubank sparring has been helping out, because he’s got a quality jab himself. It has literally been a battle of the jabs with me and Eubank, trying to see who can outjab each other at times and negate the other one. It’s not a hidden secret for Abraham, what his jab was like,” Paul said. “It’s something that you don’t really notice until you’re in there and you see him live, up close how good his jab is. It is underrated because he is a brawler type of fighter, he’s strong, uses his strength but he’s a quality jab.

“I’ve been working on that a hell of a lot more this time and working on how to counter that as well.”


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