FORMER British champion Curtis Woodhouse has issue a steadfast defence of David Price over social media.

Price, a former British and Commonwealth heavyweight champion and an Olympic bronze medallist, suffered a shock defeat to Christian Hammer on Saturday, a devastating loss.

“I’ve seen a fair bit of rubbish spoken about David Price over the last few days, yes he’s come up short and not achieved what he wanted in the professional ranks but if he chooses to retire he walks away as an Olympic bronze medallist and British heavyweight champion,” Woodhouse said. “That isn’t too shabby at all but the main thing he’s done is had a go, rolled the dice and taken part in life. Too many sit and criticise but he’s gone out and dedicated his life to something and taken his shot, anybody who does that gets my respect regardless of if they succeed or not. He’s had the courage to go after something, give me one David Price ahead of the millions that never had the balls to chase their dreams all day long.”

Woodhouse continued, “I’ve met the big man and been in his company many times and he’s a gentleman with a good family. He’s winning in life, can the people slating him say the same? I very much doubt it. The abuse he takes is embarrassing and it’s bullying. You may laugh as he’s 6ft 7 and a professional fighter but you look up bullying in the dictionary and it’s what people have been doing since his first loss to Tony Thomson, it’s sad and pathetic. I tip my hat to the guy and try to follow his lead by rolling the dice in life.”