Opinion | Feb 06 2018

In Clarke’s Shoes: Reaction to Lawrence Okolie vs Isaac Chamberlain

If you feel a fight has let you down, don’t blame the fighters, writes Andy Clarke
Lawrence Okolie
BOXING  |  Mark Robinson/Matchroom boxing

WHEN a fight doesn’t deliver in the way we’d hoped it would then it seems that it has be someone’s fault, that somebody must be to blame and be held accountable for not delivering the level of entertainment that was promised.

So I’ve been trying to work out where that blame really lies and have narrowed the cluster of likely culprits down to the following.

Chief Suspect: ‘The promoters. A no brainer. They were the ones who made the match in the first place and told everyone how great it was going to be and how we should buy tickets for it or at the very least watch it on TV. And they were wrong. They misled us and all in the name of making a profit at our expense.’