Feature | Issue | Premium | Jul 30 2019

‘If every day you had people subject you to harassment just for showing up to work, it would be too much’

Michelle Phelps speaks to Terry Dooley about working in the new boxing business
Michelle Phelps

WHEN growing up in California there was no indication that Michelle Joy Phelps would eventually carve out a career in boxing. Phelps, though, dreamt of one day living and working in the UK and has achieved this dream via her company Behind The Gloves’ successful YouTube channel.

Phelps now splits her time between her home in Manchester and the US, she also appears on both YouTube and the odd network broadcasts and, like her or not, is now one of the most prominent faces of the so-called “new media” of video interviewers and Youtubers.

“My mum said to me that what blows her mind is that at such a young age I would always say ‘I’m going to go to England one day’,” she told Boxing News. “I always knew what I wanted to do, always had this plan, and I went out and executed it.”


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