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‘I know John Ryder won that fight!’

Tony Sims, the trainer of John Ryder, on the heart-breaking nature of the defeat to Callum Smith
John Ryder
Action Images/Reuters/Lee Smith

TO lose like that was heart-breaking. I’ve been with John Ryder since he was 15 years old, I’ve seen him work his nuts off in the gym for years and years to get in that position for a world title. I’ve been with him when he’s taken a chance in the away corner just so he can move forward. He wanted that world title so much. He deserved to win it, too.

I’ve been around boxing a long, long time and I know he won that fight. I knew he was winning during the fight and I knew, when that final bell went, he’d won and won it well. There was no doubt in my mind.

I heard the first score of 117-111 and I must admit I was surprised. I thought, ‘Wow, they’ve given it to John by that much?’ I thought it might be a bit closer than that what with Callum Smith being champion and it being in Liverpool. Then I heard the next two scores of 116-112 and I did not think for one second they were about to announce Callum Smith as the winner.

Callum Smith vs John Ryder
Action Images/Reuters/Lee Smith


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