Amateur | Issue | Premium | Sep 10 2019

‘I froze. I didn’t throw a shot for two rounds.’ Karriss Artingstall comes back with a vengeance

Karriss Artingstall won a European silver medal at the perfect time
Karriss Artingstall

FOR Karriss Artingstall her European silver medal could not have come at a better time. Her division, 57kgs, is a competitive weight class in the UK. The women’s World championships are next month with Olympic qualifying and an Olympic Games looming next year.

She therefore needed to make a mark at the European championships, particularly as her first experience at a major tournament last year had ended in an abrupt defeat. “I got beat in the prelims [previously in the Europeans], so definitely a progression from last time,” she said. “It’s not even just the fact that my boxing’s come on, I’ve come out of my shell a lot. Last year when I competed at the Europeans I just froze. I didn’t throw a shot for two rounds. I don’t know what happened to me. I think just stepping up to that stage took its toll on me a little bit.”

She noted, “It’s a different ball game, boxing locally in England, doing the English championships, it’s a big step up to then go on the international stage. Not many people think it is. I think it’s a massive step up, just the opponents you come across, the styles you come across. Every country has their own little style, the Italians box on the back foot, they spin off hooks or whatever. Then you’ve got your little bulldozers like Ukrainians.”