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How would Billy Joe Saunders fare against Callum Smith at super-middleweight?

Billy Joe Saunders
Action Images/Reuters/Andrew Couldridge
An expert panel answers our questions

Dave Allen
Heavyweight contender

I think Billy Joe Saunders is a natural middleweight and can give anybody in the world a great fight at that weight. At super-middleweight, though, I fear Callum Smith would be too big for him.

Gareth A. Davies
Boxing journalist
The problem for Saunders is size in this fight: it is effectively a middleweight against a light-heavyweight-framed fighter, and Smith ought to be able to keep his foe at range. I’d like to see the fight, but see it being a points decision for Smith in what could be a less than thrilling affair. Happy to be proven wrong, though.

Ryan Walsh
British 126lbs champion

Saunders would never be an easy fight for anyone. He has a very good all-round style and he’s a southpaw. Having said that, I rate Callum Smith highly and he would have a natural size advantage and possibly a better ring IQ. I’d love to see it and would pick Smith.

Chris McKenna
Sports journalist
Billy Joe Saunders is one of Britain’s most talented boxers, but size would be a big problem against Callum Smith. The Liverpool man is a huge super-middleweight and currently the best in the world. Saunders would have to be switched on for every second of the 12 rounds, which would be a hard ask.

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