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How to use the floor-to-ceiling bag

floor-to-ceiling bag
Esther Lin/Showtime
Tony Jeffries demonstrates how to use the floor-to-ceiling bag

REMEMBER the first time you drove a car, you stalled it right? The first time you used a keyboard, you typed with one finger, and it took you around five seconds to find each letter. Then you got better at both of these pretty fast, and the only way you got better was by doing one thing – PRACTICE. The exact same applies to the floor-to-ceiling bag.

I know it can be very intimidating when you go to a gym and see it, when you first try it, it is difficult to use.

But I promise you it doesn’t take very long before you get your timing down and start to really like it and use it for its benefits. The floor-to-ceiling ball is a great tool for hand and eye coordination, I made this video to show you how to start off using, for me, one of the best bits of equipment you will find in just about all boxing gyms.

Other benefits are practice on a moving target, head movement, speed punching, focus, discipline, reactions and timing

I used to do around 3-6 rounds on this every time I went to the gym as a 12-16-year-old. I loved it and believe it helped me be as successful as I was as an amateur fighter

Watch this video on how to hit the floor to ceiling ball and please subscribe to my Youtube channel:

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