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How to make weight as you get older – 4 top tips

As you age it becomes harder to stick to the same weight limit, so nutritionist Robert Seaborne offers 4 tips to help the older boxer make weight

4. Try caffeine

IT is common to get a dip in energy levels the older you get, and this is the same for boxers as they age. This can have a negative effect on training intensities and can impact on performance. To stay in fighting-fit condition, older boxers may look to utilise pre-exercise stimulants to bolster performance – i.e. caffeine. Using caffeine in the correct way (as I explained in my blog on the subject) may aid both physiological and psychological components that can help training and performance. During periods where a boxer seems deflated or has a lack of energy, caffeine use could help maintain training intensity.

Robert Seaborne BSc (Hons), MS

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