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How to make weight as you get older – 4 top tips

As you age it becomes harder to stick to the same weight limit, so nutritionist Robert Seaborne offers 4 tips to help the older boxer make weight

1. Get a bespoke diet

WEIGHT-MAKING for boxers is a very controversial area. However, via the correct nutritional plan, boxers can make weight in a safe, gradual and healthy manner. Using specific nutritional diets that are designed for an individual boxer (by a sports nutritionist), that avoid the use of chronic dehydration and food restriction, can help maintain a boxer’s long-term health. These diets also help control a fighter’s metabolic behaviour, making it easy to stay at a new healthier weight post-fight. So, employ safe and healthy weight-making regimes with the right diet.

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Robert Seaborne BSc (Hons), MS

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