Feature | Mar 23 2019

How to lose a fight

Losing 256 times takes hard work and plenty of talent, as Matt Bozeat discovers when he meets Peter Buckley, who knows better than anyone how to lose a fight
how to lose a fight
Peter Buckley v Matin Mohammed  |  Action Images/Carl Recine

PETER BUCKLEY was known as “The Professor of Pugilism” and here’s a quick lesson from him in how to lose a fight. “The art of it is to not fight for three minutes of every round,” said Buckley. “I knew how to break a round up because if you can break a fighter’s rhythm, that’s half the battle won.

“You have to buy a bit of time by pushing them off, having a walk around, hitting them on the blind side of the referee. If you can gain 10 to 20 seconds, that can break a fighter’s momentum. I respected the referees, but knew what I could get away with.”

Better than anyone, Buckley knows how to lose a fight. He lost 256 of his 300 fights (there were also 12 draws), boxed 1,686 rounds and nearly nine years into his retirement, he’s a talkative interviewee with only a slightly squashed nose the only obvious souvenir from a sport he still loves.


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