THE majority of our strength and conditioning program is quite generic as we look to focus on the physical adaptations. We want exercises that require us to generate the most force in a short amount of time; therefore we need a higher external load in order to achieve these adaptations.

That’s why we use exercises such as the Squat and the Deadlift as we know that these are the most effective exercises to help improve rate of force development.

However, this is just producing force through these movements. At Boxing Science, we want our athletes to benefit these improvements in RFD through the punching action. Therefore, we use punch specific exercises.

Power Up Your Punch

At Boxing Science, we use punch specific exercises as part of an explosive warm-up and core supersets during S&C sessions, as well as becoming a key exercise during the taper phase. We also use them in technical training, sparring and competition warm up routines to help fire a boxer up and make them feel strong, sharp and powerful.

The desired outcomes of punch specific training are improved hand speed, punching strength and effective mass. We select exercises that promote the kinetic chain sequencing from foot to fist – coaching and cueing forceful hip and core rotation.

The Landmine Punch

The landmine punch is a great exercise to develop strength, speed and explosiveness in a punch specific action.

Check out the video demo by Danny Wilson as he explains the optimal way to perform this exercise, common mistakes and useful variations.

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