Fitness | Training | Jan 04 2019

How to increase your punch power

Boxing Science's Danny Wilson details specific exercise to boost your punch power
Gennady Golovkin
gennady-golovkin  |  Michael Sterling Eaton/Neo Nostalgia

THE majority of our strength and conditioning program is quite generic as we look to focus on the physical adaptations. We want exercises that require us to generate the most force in a short amount of time; therefore we need a higher external load in order to achieve these adaptations.

That’s why we use exercises such as the Squat and the Deadlift as we know that these are the most effective exercises to help improve rate of force development.

However, this is just producing force through these movements. At Boxing Science, we want our athletes to benefit these improvements in RFD through the punching action. Therefore, we use punch specific exercises.


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