Fitness | Training | Jan 03 2019

How to improve your stamina

Strength and conditioning coach Sean Krool offers some tips on stamina training to help make sure you don't fade as a fight goes on

We asked strength and conditioning coach Krool for some tips on how to improve your stamina:


The old method of going running and plodding along, if you take sports specific training and apply it to what a fighter would use in a fight, I don’t think it’s really that effective, if you really look at it. If you think of running a 5k, unless on your 5k route you’re doing sprints and there’s different exercises you’re going to bring, then that’s not really functional enough.

It’s just boring going on the road and running, the old school boxing idea of going on a run. In this day and age everything has to change a bit. You could be running for four minutes and then picking up the pace for two minutes on your run, then half pace, picking it up to three quarter pace. Doing a full sprint for 30 seconds or a minute, then recovering. Runs will be more effective if you have the coach, the coach is interactive with the fighters and the coach is on a bike and the coach picks up the pace of the fighters. It brings a different element.


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