Fitness | Training | Jan 02 2019

How to improve your running

Jim McDonnell on how to stay on track, on the right road and how to improve your running
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Amir Khan Training in Las Vegas ahead of his WBC Silver Welterweight Title fight against Devon Alexander  |  Action Images/Jason Cairnduff

HARD work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard. Talent with hard work is unbeatable.” It’s hard to argue with trainer and former world title challenger Jim McDonnell at the best of times, but when he is espousing such compelling principles, it becomes impossible. Below, in his own words, the coach of top super-middleweight James DeGale among others shares some useful tips on how to improve your running for boxers.


IT’S like a menu for a meal. Over the course of a camp, we’ve got to put ingredients into the recipe to get the best product. In a 12-week camp, the first month is what we call ‘Donkey work’, the stuff that when you get sharp, crisp and fast, it’s got to be in the tank; you don’t want to be doing it close to a fight. It’s your endurance work. Putting the miles in on the road. We do it by time because it’s not a race, it’s time on feet. You’re way out from boxing. So we run for two hours at ‘talking’ pace, nice and steady.


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