Issue | Opinion | Premium | Jun 04 2019

How much of a chance would you give Callum Smith in a fight against Canelo Alvarez?

Our expert panel gives their take on Callum Smith vs Canelo Alvarez
Canelo Alvarez
Hogan Photos/Golden Boy Promotions

Chris McKenna (journalist)
Quite a good chance. There is the obvious size difference, which is one advantage for Smith, but he is also a very good boxer with his amateur pedigree. He would be a huge risk, which is why I don’t see the fight happening any time soon unfortunately.

Gary Logan (trainer)
He is Canelo’s ultimate challenge at this point. Smith’s flying and he’s big and dangerous. I’m going with Canelo because, aside from his fight against Floyd Mayweather, he’s answered every question put before him in his career. Smith is still to be tested but I like him.

Nigel Wright (former fighter)
Smith would have a very good chance against Canelo. He is naturally a lot bigger and he has enough power to trouble Canelo or at least keep him at range. It’s a fight I’d like to see but it would probably only happen in Vegas and that means Smith would be a few rounds down before the first bell.


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