Lovemore Ndou
The teak tough Ndou could not be finished early by either fighter, but the six year difference between the time of their meetings with the Australia-based South African proved significant.

In the fight before his first world title contest and sporting some questionable cornrows, Cotto outpointed Ndou in 2004. It was an exciting and competitive scrap with both men shipping a fair bit of punishment. Ndou’s stiff jab and fast hands caused Cotto problems but the Puerto Rican was able to land the more telling blows and force his way through Lovemore’s tight guard to win on every scorecard.

After a slow start to his 2010 clash with Ndou, Alvarez moved through the gears to win a shutout decision. Ndou tried to avoid Saul’s assaults but his feet would not move like they once did. Admittedly, at light-middleweight Ndou was fighting at a weight class he had never operated at and at the age of 39 was a spent force.

Better performance: Miguel Cotto


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