IT is one of the most eagerly anticipated fights in recent years and one of the most difficult to predict.

On Saturday night Errol Spence and Terence Crawford will finally meet in the ring at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas with the winner rightfully claiming his place as the best welterweight in the world. Both men are unbeaten, both are at the top of their game and solid arguments can be made for either to win.

For Spence this is his opportunity to put to bed the doubts which have Crawford backers believing their man is the superior boxer. Over the years “Bud” has had many superlatives thrown his way, the kind that you would hear about Floyd Mayweather back in the day. This could be the fight where Spence can demonstrate what “The Truth” really is but will he be able to?

In this article Boxing News asks a quartet of welterweights from Britain and Ireland to give their answer to the following question: How does Errol Spence beat Terence Crawford?

Michael McKinson (Welterweight contender)

Have quick feet, and be alert at all times because Crawford adapts very quickly. Don’t let Crawford get into his rhythm 100 per cent would be the main thing. Not too long ago there was talk of Spence going up to 154. He’s obviously big and tight at the weight and I think that plays into Crawford’s hands.

Ekow Essuman (British welterweight champion)

Spence wins by adjusting his distance with his jab and manipulating it throughout the whole match. As soon as Crawford works out his timing and distance, the adjustments he makes will put Spence in trouble. Spence can cause Crawford a lot of trouble. It just depends how fast Crawford adjusts.

Cyrus Pattinson (Welterweight prospect)

Doing what Spence does best and that’s pressure, counterpunching, being strong, big, breaking someone down. It’s tough. Crawford can live inside the pocket with you. I think that’s Spence’s best bet. He’s not as well-rounded as Crawford. He uses his physicality. He’s gotta stick to his guns.

Tyrone McKenna (Welterweight contender)

I lean heavy towards Crawford, but I think it’s going to be a tactical fight. Spence is younger, he’s going to have to put his dominance on Crawford, put him on the back foot, make him make mistakes and punish them. They’re both high level and quite evenly matched. It’s a 50-50 fight.