Barry Jones
Former WBO champion

It always makes you wonder how long they have been using PEDs and if they have actually ever fought without them. So it certainly tarnishes their reputation, but also as the punishments are so soft, you start to become desensitised to the news that a boxer has infringed the rules in that way.

Natasha Jonas
Leading contender

I thinks it’s very damaging, especially as a competitor myself. It’s an unfair, illegal advantage in an already dangerous sport. It casts a doubt on all of their achievements up until that point. There should be no place in any sport for it.

Matthew Macklin
World title challenger

There’s always going to be a stain against their name. I think there’s going to be that question: ‘Has he always been doing it and is this just the first time he got caught?’ I think people are always going to think that. I think that’s understandable.

Chris McKenna
Sports reporter

It questions everything they’ve ever done. Someone like Canelo Alvarez should already be going down as one of the all-time greats but that will always be a black mark with him, even in light of new rules on clenbuterol. Repeat offenders should never be allowed to box again.

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