Fitness | Training | Dec 30 2019

How Carl Froch stayed in condition

Carl Froch was not only a three-time world champion, he was also a paragon of staying in exemplary shape all year round
Carl Froch
Action Images/Andrew Couldridge

CARL FROCH believes most things can be taken in moderation, just one of the many principles he lives by, whether in serious training or not. It all adds up to a healthy lifestyle that has enabled Froch, trained by GB amateur squad performance director Robert McCracken, to excel as a professional for over 10 years and continue to make the same 168lb weight limit.

“My lifestyle outside camp, that gives you longevity, 100 per cent, no doubt about it,” Super Six tournament finalist Froch emphasises. “Healthy living, clean living outside of training camp, training hard. Be sensible with everything – you know what you should and shouldn’t do. Don’t lie to yourself.”

And if a demand for honesty is insufficient instruction, Froch has a super six pieces of advice to help you stay battle-ready all year round.


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