News | Nov 11 2017

Hosea Burton: ‘Frank Buglioni isn’t the same man since he fought me’

Hosea Burton missed out on a rematch with Frank Buglioni in Cardiff
Hosea Burton
Frank Buglioni wins the fight against Hosea Burton as the referee steps in to stop the bout in the 12th round  |  Action Images/Andrew Couldridge

HOSEA BURTON was disappointed to see Frank Buglioni fight Craig Richards on the Anthony Joshua undercard in Cardiff on October 28. Hosea Burton had lost the British light-heavyweight title to Buglioni last year and his gym-mate Callum Johnson was due to challenge Frank, until injury ruled him out. Hosea Burton was ready to step in at short notice.

“I’m one of those boxers who try to stay fit all the time because you could get a chance at any time,” he told Boxing News. “I’m ready to fight Frank whenever.

“When we knew Callum was out, Joe said to Eddie Callum was out but Hosea will take the fight. I was training. I’m always reasonably fit. I was ready to take it. Because I think this is the only way I’ll get a fight with Frank. He really doesn’t want the fight. He got offered a huge amount of money to fight on the Joshua-Klitschko bill, for the rematch, and he turned it down. He wants to win the belt outright without having a real fight. Mine was a real fight, he got beat 10 rounds out of 12 but luckily enough for him he got me in the last round when I was exhausted. I never knew what 12 rounds was about. The most I’d done was eight rounds once before at my own pace. So to go from that to a 12 round high workrate fight was a big step up. His bonus ball came in that night, he hit the jackpot, he won the lottery, whatever one you want to say. He knows he’ll never be as lucky as again. He got me with a minute to go. I’m pretty sure he’ll never do that again.