PROMOTER Eddie Hearn believes the British super fight pitting IBF welterweight champion Kell Brook against Amir Khan can still be made for June 4 at Wembley Stadium.

“I think the main problem is securing the stadium,” Hearn told Boxing News. “We’ve got that date on hold but they want to know what’s going on of course. And you’ve also got to look at the pay-per-view options in the summer. You’ve got Klitschko-Fury being talked about for May/June, which will affect that. [Anthony] Joshua will be fighting probably June or July so we need to know and more importantly for Amir’s warm up fight, if he chooses to have one, he needs to get that booked in. We talked about neither fighter fighting and then going straight into the fight but I feel like this kind of fight they should be 100 per cent. A year out for both of them, I don’t think that would be the case.”

However the promoter maintained, “I’m hopeful. There’s a long way to go but when the reality comes out about the other options in terms of the money, there’s only one answer. It’s just a case of finding a middle ground that everyone deems acceptable.

“I know that Kell’s dad had a conversation with Amir’s dad the other day. I’m talking to Al Haymon. You’ve Amir Khan’s lawyer, you’ve got Amir Khan speaking to me and my dad and Sky. There’s so many people, it’s tough to get to the root of what the deal could be. But we’ve had some positive conversations.”

He reckons that there is will on all sides to make it. “I think everybody wants the fight,” he said. “Kell wanted 50-50 and not a percentage less. So I’m the one driving Kell down because I know if we don’t, we definitely won’t get it. But there’s got to be respect and everybody’s got to be valued and Kell Brook has got a lot of value. You need a dance partner to make a lot of money.

“Never worry about what the other person’s getting, worry about what you’re getting. It’s a great bit of advice for fighters.”