Amateur | Issue | Premium | Oct 07 2019

Hard start at the World championships

The action from the preliminary stage of the women's World championships in Russia
World championships

ONE of Britain’s most experienced competitors, Sandy Ryan met defeat in her first contest at the women’s World championships in Ulan-Ude in Russia. Ryan, a Commonwealth Games gold medallist and formerly a World silver medallist, suffered a split decision defeat when she took on Ireland’s Christina Desmond on Friday (October 4) in the preliminary round at 69kgs.

Desmond moved in quickly to catch Ryan out with her southpaw left. The Briton responded, finding the Irishwoman with a right cross-left hook combination. Desmond fended Sandy off with her right jab and she launched wide hooks that still managed to catch Ryan’s headguard.

In the second round Ryan forced Desmond back with another right cross. The Briton lined up a crisp one-two. But the Irish welterweight flung her left hook through an opening. Desmond’s back hand crashed over the top. The referee did hand Desmond a warning out of the blue, signalling that she was slapping with her punches but Desmond was landing straight blows.


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