Feature | Feb 08 2018

Guided by Roy Jones

After coming back from a dark place Fes Batista is now under the tutelage of the legendary Roy Jones. He speaks to Lee Gormley
Roy Jones
Roy-Jones  |  Action Images

SETBACKS are a part of any fighter’s career. A customary aspect of the testing journey, both inside and out of the ring, in the form of injuries and defeats among other issues.

For Fes Batista, a very raw prospect, the setbacks have already come thick and fast along his early yet eventful path towards success in boxing. Those obstacles have threatened to derail his ambitions, but if it weren’t for the tough times, the recent rewards would not have come to fruition either.

“It’s like my life just has constant setbacks but I feel that no matter what happens I always get back up and come back stronger,” Batista told Boxing News.


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