GERVONTA DAVIS has been working really hard. He made the decision to relocate his training camp to here in Las Vegas and it was the best decision of his life. That resulted in him turning in that performance, knocking out Leo Santa Cruz, the best in his career so far.

We’re very excited that everyone who tuned in will have left very happy. It was a difficult event to make in the current environment but alongside Showtime and PBC we were the first to make a fight in front of fans. There were a lot of challenges to overcome but the whole focus was to keep everyone safe. There were sacrifices along the way but I’m very happy we made those sacrifices.

I want to give lots of credit to Santa Cruz, he’s a great fighter and a great warrior but he came up short on Saturday night. He went out on his sword, you can’t do nothing but respect that. Now everyone can be excited about where we’re heading with Gervonta. Everyone talks about his weight. We were not nervous at all that he would make 130lbs. You have to understand that I’ve been in the gym with him every day during this training camp.

Throughout he showed that he was very focused. He put in all the hard work and I knew where his weight was. He was on weight two weeks ago, he was at 134lbs even then. But you have to deal with the naysayers. Gervonta posted a picture of himself on social media and people are accusing him of posting an old picture. It’s up to the media to present these things correctly, to report with facts.

He had a chef here in Vegas and that’s the first time that he’s had that. Moving forward, that will now happen with every camp. He was very disciplined and followed his coach’s game plan and, hey, you saw the results of all that.

We don’t know yet which division his next fight will be in. People can talk about Teofimo Lopez but “Tank” Davis is the biggest star at both super-featherweight and lightweight.

Gervonta Davis

Any fight that’s he’s in will be a great fight. It doesn’t matter who he fights, which name you pick, Tank is going to beat them. Our job is to put him in the biggest fight possible, for the most amount of money. Tank ain’t going nowhere, he’s 25 years old. And that’s the good thing about all these fighters – they’re all young and I do believe they’re all going to fight. What I don’t know is in which order, but if they’re around, they’re going to fight.

What Tank can’t do is fight everyone in his next fight. People can keep throwing names out there, and that’s the job of the media, but for us we’re focused on making the biggest fights for the most amount of money.

Tank is a rising star in the sport and now he’s got that attention we have to make sure we keep that attention by making the right fights. But you’re not going to get me to commit to a name right now. You have to remember this is not about the other guys, it’s about what we’re doing for our young champion.

Floyd Mayweather is ecstatic, everyone will have seen his reaction on Saturday night. This is his young protégé: Gervonta Davis showed up, and he showed all the way out.