Feature | Premium | Jun 11 2019

Gerry Cooney reveals how being a ‘Great White Hope’ almost ruined him

Gerry Cooney talks you through the highs and lows of his colourful life on the anniversary of his fight with Larry Holmes
Gerry Cooney
Cooney did not feel prepared for Holmes Action Images

EVEN at 60 years old, Gerry Cooney looks like he could still lace the gloves up and go a few rounds. So he does – training a variety of people when he’s not sparring verbally with Randy Gordon on their Sirius XM radio show. And while the former heavyweight contender isn’t preparing for a comeback, the fighter inside him is still alive. He recalls the day four muscle-bound brothers entered the gym looking to go a few rounds with the man who fought Larry Holmes for the world heavyweight championship in 1982.

“They were young, they were [American] football players, and I said, ‘Listen, to warn you, don’t back me in a corner because if you do, instinct takes over and I have to fight out.’”

Soon enough, Cooney found himself in the corner. You can figure out what happened next.


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