When and why you started boxing:
I started boxing at around 14 or 15 years old. My friends asked me if I wanted to go to the gym with them. They eventually stopped going, but I carried on and never looked back.

Favourite all-time fighter:
It’s got to be Floyd Mayweather.

Best fight you’ve seen:
I’d say that Marcos Maidana vs Victor Ortiz is my favourite fight. Marvin Hagler vs Thomas Hearns is right up there too.

Personal career highlight:
My proudest moments so far have come in the amateurs – boxing in the Welsh senior final and representing my country on a professional show in Estonia against a Russian.

Toughest opponent:
Kieran Gething, who I boxed as an amateur in my first Welsh senior championships. He was very fit and strong.

Best and worst attributes as a boxer:
My biggest strength is my fitness – I’m always ready to fight. I’ve also got a lot of heart, as I’ll happily step in the ring with anyone. It doesn’t matter whether they’re bigger or more experienced than me. My weakness is my diet, as I’ve always got a bag of Haribo on me or some sort of sweets or chocolate.

Training tip:
Make sure that you get lots of roadwork in.

Favourite meal/restaurant:
It’s a tough choice between McDonald’s or Nando’s.

Best friends in boxing:
My best friend in the sport is my coach, Wesley Jones. He’s been there since day one and he’s like a part of my family. To be fair, everyone that I’ve met at shows and at other gyms have all been nice people.

Last film/TV show you saw:
I watched Rocky III on TV recently.

Who would play you in a film of your life:
I’d pick Chris Rock to play me because we’re both idiots and I like to think of myself as a bit of a funny character, like he is.

Have you ever been starstruck:
I wouldn’t say that I was starstruck as such, but I was buzzing when I met Ricky Hatton at one of my amateur fights. His son Campbell was boxing on the same show.

Last time you cried:
When I lost in the Welsh senior final.

Best advice received:
It’s a saying that you hear quite often in boxing – train hard, fight easy.

Worst rumour about yourself:
No comment!

Something not many people know about you:
I’m Welsh born and bred.