News | Feb 15 2018

George Groves: ‘I would have beaten Chris Eubank Senior’

And George Groves certainly expects to beat Junior when they meet on Saturday, writes John Dennen
George Groves vs Chris Eubank Jr
George Groves & Chris Eubank Jr Press Conference  |  Action Images/Reuters/Matthew Childs

GEORGE GROVES is neither overawed by Chris Eubank Junior nor his famous father. In fact Groves, the WBA super-middleweight champion, believes he would have beaten Eubank Senior in his own era.

“I haven’t seen much of him, but I’m sure I would have. He had enough losses on his record and I don’t fall for his bullshit,” Groves said. “Back then, a lot of people got annoyed by his gimmicks and fought with emotion. I wouldn’t do that.

“The losses to Steve Collins are the only fights I have seen where Collins won every minute of every round. That was his gameplan. Whether his dad came away from that and thought ‘that’s how it’s got to be’, I don’t know because his dad never fought like that… He was about posturing, being heavy-handed. He probably wasn’t much of a trainer.”