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GB Elite Three Nations results

Results from the finals of the Elite Three Nations championships

The GB Elite Three Nations championships took place in Rotherham on June 3.


Finals: Male:

49: CONNOR KELSALL (England) outpd Ben Norman (England) split.

52: MATTHEW McHALE (Scotland) outpd Hamzah Mehmood (England) split.

56: BRAD STRAND (England) outpd Stephen Boyle (Scotland) split.

60: CALLUM THOMPSON (England) outpd Dastan Kamil (Scotland) unan.

64: SEAN SPENCE (Scotland) outpd Elliott Whale (England) split.

69: TYLER JOLLY (Scotland) outpd Tom Aitcheson (England) split.

75: RAMTIN MUSAH (England) outpd Ayoub Darre (Scotland) unan.

81: SEAN LAZZARINI (Scotland) outpd Patrick Allen-Cripps (England) split.

91: LEWIS WILLIAMS (England) outpd Scott Edwards (Scotland) unan.

91&: COURTNEY BENNETT (England) outpd Mitchell Barnton (Scotland) split.

Female: 48: MIRIAM ZOUHOU (England) outpd Rebecca Stone (England) split.

51: TORI-ELLIS WILLETS (England) outpd Helen Jones (Wales) split.

54: NINA HUGHES (England) w rsf 1 Sophie Tinklin (Wales).

57: VICTORIA GLOVER (Scotland) outpd Raven Chapman (England) split.

60: HANNAH ROBINSON (England) outpd Shanice James (England) unan.

64: LYNN CALDER (Scotland) outpd Adrianne Phebey (England) unan.

69: STEPHANIE WROE (England) outpd Laura Stevens (England) split.

75: KERRY DAVIES (England) outpd Elena Narozanski (England) split

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