Feature | Oct 05 2017

Gary Cornish planning a big night for Scottish boxing

Promoter Sam Kynoch tells George Storr that Gary Cornish can become Scotland's first British heavyweight champion
Gary Cornish
Anthony Joshua & Gary Cornish Weigh-In  |  Action Images

SCOTTISH heavyweights Gary Cornish and Jay Carrigan-McFarlane both described MTK Scotland as “taking over” Scottish boxing under the leadership of Sam Kynoch. Here’s what he had to say about it ahead of MTK Scotland’s Capital Collision promotion, which will be screened live on BoxNation this Friday.

“I just think it’d be a massive shot in the arm if we can have more champions after Friday. We’ve got lots of boxers looking to come on board, we’ve got an existing stable which is in a good state and I think the future’s a bright one,” Kynoch told Boxing News.

“I’ve got a lot of ambition and hunger as does everyone else in MTK. The aim is to keep busy and keep growing. It’s about evolving.”


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