Fitness | Training | May 13 2016

Functional hypertrophy – The Goff’s Workout of the Week

Cameron Goff is back with a lower-body functional hypertrophy routine designed to build muscle strategically and thus enhancing performance
Functional hypertrophy
The-Goff  |  Radu Palicica/JP Boxing

FUNCTIONAL HYPERTROPHY – here Cameron Goff he provides a lower-body functional hypertrophy workout specific to boxers who are looking to increase strength and power to aid in their punching power. Functional hypertrophy is basically strategically growing muscle to enhance physical performance. This workout should be used at least once a week in a micro-cycle for four weeks, generally at the start of a training camp to build the foundations.

NB: Maximal load would be 80 per cent of bodyweight or 40 per cent for single-sided exercises, except exercise 7 which is a bodyweight move.

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