Fitness | Training | Feb 29 2016

Full body workout – The Goff’s Workout of the Week

Top S&C coach Cameron Goff shares a full body workout that will benefit a fighter either midway through a training camp or even with no bout scheduled
Full body workout
Full-body-workout  |  Radu Palicica/JP Boxing

THE Goff – aka Cameron Goff – does not like to leave anyone out – that’s the kind of inclusive guy he is – and, similarly, our resident cult hero feels bad every time one of his famed workouts excludes too many body parts. With that in mind, he has provided a full body workout that can be used two-three times per week around four-six weeks before a fight, or even when a fighter does not have a contest scheduled, to maintain their strength and conditioning without putting too much weight on. This can be used alongside the appropriate nutritional advice.

For the strength exercises – except the bodyweight chin-ups and dips (spoiler alert) to which you should add weight if capable without compromising form – go for 70 per cent of bodyweight minimum and increase if it’s too easy. Two-three minutes rest between sets unless otherwise stated.

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