Amateur | Sep 19 2019

Frazer Clarke result overturned in World championships

In a shock ruling Frazer Clarke has been denied a place in the semi-finals and a World championships medal
Frazer Clarke

IT was perhaps inevitable that a controversy would occur at the AIBA World championships in Russia. Despite, initially, winning his quarter-final at the Expo Arena in Ekaterinburg on Wednesday (September 18), Frazer Clarke has in effect been stripped of a medal at the World championships and denied a place in Friday’s semi-finals.

After the Russian Federation filed a protest, the judges’ decision to award Britain’s Frazer Clarke a split decision was overturned and his quarter-final opponent, Russia’s Maksim Babanin has been installed in the semi-finals instead.

The bout was close but it wasn’t an outrageous decision in the Englishman’s favour and wouldn’t have been considered ‘a robbery’ as such. It might have gone the other way but what is a shock is that it has been changed retrospectively. This is new. AIBA have introduced a new appeals process, which had not been available at the last Olympic Games.


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