Highlight 5 | Issue | Opinion | Premium | Sep 24 2019

The Frazer Clarke controversy – our verdict

AIBA find a new way to resurrect an old problem and GB's Frazer Clarke is the victim
Frazer Clarke

THE word robbery is used with ever increasing frequency. Especially so in amateur boxing. Afterall in a major tournament made of up of hundreds of bouts, each of just three rounds, contested by two top-level boxers, there are going to close decisions and verdicts open to interpretation.

But sometimes things really do get stolen. There are have been famously bad decisions. Roy Jones in Korea is a prime example and the 2016 Olympics notoriously was littered with outrageous officiating. The pressure is on AIBA, the amateur sport’s governing body, to address these concerns.

A new example of its old problem was on full display at the AIBA men’s World championships in Russia last week. British super-heavyweight Frazer Clarke should have had a place in the semi-finals of the tournament in Ekaterinburg. But it was taken from him, robbing him of at least a bronze medal, in a wholly novel way.


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