FRANK WARREN, the head BoxNation, the broadcast the Tyson Fury vs Wladimir Klitschko rematch, was unperturbed at the sight of the champion’s voluminous stomach when Fury stripped off his T-shirt at a recent press conference.

“He’s been training, when he took the thing off and you can poke your belly out. We can all do that. He was carrying a bit of timber but he can get that off and he will get it off,” Frank said. “There’s a lot more to boxing, it’s not just about who’s got the best body.”

“The Klitschkos are very astute in a lot of the things they do. They’ve got this fantastic image but behind the scenes they don’t miss a trick. You saw all that stuff out there [in Dusseldorf] with the ring, with the bandaging. We went through all that with Chisora which became unsavoury in the end. It was the frustration with Dereck with what was going on behind the scenes and the lack of protection we got from the Board representative at the time. When you look at what they’ve done, they’ve dragged it out, dragged it out and suddenly Tyson’s piling on a bit more weight. But he can lose that weight. He’s one of those guys that have got natural athleticism, he’s got a great boxing brain and what I like about Tyson Fury, he really demonstrated it in a fight I thought he was going to struggle with against Dereck Chisora. Dereck didn’t win a second of a round in that fight. [Fury] was switching from southpaw to orthodox. His speed was there, his handspeed, he’s fast on his feet and you know he’s very adaptable to a situation. We’ve seen him on the floor, we’ve seen him get up,” Warren continued. “Whereas Klitschko fights basically one way. Most of the fights he’s had have been in Germany, he’s been in command of the situation. [Now] he’s coming to the other guy’s backyard and he has to change what he done last time. Because if he comes and does what he did last time there’s only one winner.

“What he’s going to do? He’s got to come be aggressive and put it on Tyson. And if he does that, then he starts exposing himself. When you’re throwing shots that’s when you’re open to the counters and that will suit Tyson. He’s not the sort of fighter that puts together four or five shots. It’s all single shots with him and I think with Tyson, a guy like him, you’ve got to go and let your shots go. Let four or five shots go and not stand there.

“For me this fight is about one thing – what can Klitschko do, what can he bring to alter what he did last time.”

Tyson Fury vs Wladimir Klitschko will be another milestone for his BoxNation channel, which screened Canelo Alvarez vs Amir Khan last weekend. “We’re delivering consistently and strongly all the best fights around. I think there’s no doubt about it the two biggest fights this year are Amir Khan’s fight and the heavyweight fight and I’m delighted that BoxNation and everyone involved are delivering that to subscribers. Come September it’ll be five years – so we lasted more than six months!” Warren added.