Frank Warren answers your questions

What really happened with Mike Tyson? What is you biggest regret? Promoter Frank Warren answers your questions

Is there a British fighter active now who can go on and duplicate the success of Ricky Hatton and Joe Calzaghe?

Rachel Jenkinson, Facebook

There’s a few out there now. I see a few from the other side [Matchroom] but let’s focus on the guys I’m working with. Trouble is you mention names and then you upset people but the first that spring to mind are Jack Catterall, who is an exceptional talent, Terry Flanagan is now a world champion, Liam Smith is knocking on the door, Mitchell Smith will go on and do big things. There’s a lot of young fighters, and these kids are going to take the sport into the future.

What do you look back upon as the biggest regret in your career?

Lee McLoughlin, Facebook

I’m a positive person and don’t look back. I live in the now and think about what we’re doing tomorrow. But if I do think back, there have been a lot of disappointments. How it ended with Naz, how it ended with Calzaghe, and I remember Nigel Benn sodding off but to his credit, in his book, he said he should have stayed with me. Naz has gone on record as saying the same. But in recent years, it’s Ricky Burns – I think he was totally misadvised and misinformed by [his manager] Alex Morrison. I offered Burns the [Adrien] Broner fight and it wouldn’t have been the end of the world if he’d lost but he could have won it. But he was talked out of it. It all got quite upsetting. People think I started the legal action – I didn’t.

Where do you see boxing in 10 years?

Jean Carlton, Facebook

Boxing will evolve as technology evolves. I don’t see Sky being involved like they are now in 10 years time. Kids now don’t watch television. They watch stuff on their phones or their iPads, but live sport delivers a live audience. Will Sky be able to afford to keep the Premiership for the next 10 years? Will the football clubs do their own thing? Will someone come in and do to Sky what they did to ITV? Someone will come in and grab it, whether it be someone like a Google or a Vodafone. Whoever it may be, something will happen. Boxing will evolve and as long as we’ve got the live content we’ll be part of that evolution The sport will evolve, and so will the way that people watch it.

If you could make one fight in history, what would it be?

Charlie Peak, Facebook

Naz versus [Barry] McGuigan… for various reasons. I’d also like to have made Joe Calzaghe versus John Conteh at light-heavyweight.

What exactly happened with Mike Tyson in Glasgow?

@geemanfree, Twitter

Well, what he said happened in the American version of his book [The Undisputed Truth] was absolute bollocks. According to what he said, I’d got broken ribs, a broken jaw and a broken eye socket. Well, if anyone goes on YouTube they’ll see me standing in the ring [before Tyson’s fight with Lou Savarese] and I’m chewing bubble gum and blowing bubbles. I’m sure anyone with broken ribs wouldn’t have been able to bend over and climb through the ropes. It’s just a fantasy. I don’t know who wrote that book, and if he [Tyson] told them to write that. But a lot of the stuff that has been said that occurred between me and him is bollocks.

So what did happen?

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You’ll be able to read about it in my upcoming book

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