Feature | Nov 14 2019

Frank Grant, the only British boxer to beat Herol Graham, recalls his greatest night

Bradford middleweight Frank Grant invites Terry Dooley to his home and regales him with stories from his British title-winning pro career
Frank Grant

YOU could walk past former British middleweight Champion Frank Grant (22-4, 17 KOs) on the street and probably wouldn’t give the quiet, softly-spoken former fighter a second glance. If you have the magic eye you might suspect that he was once a boxer, they tend to walk in direct lines with a steady focus and gait, but there is nothing to suggest that he made history by becoming the only British fighter to beat cult legend Herol Graham. And Grant likes it like that.

I met the 54-year-old at a train station near to where he lives; he moved away from his native Bradford years ago. As we drove to his home we made small talk about his friendship with former fighter and trainer Billy Graham. “The Preacher” had visited Grant for Sunday lunch a few days prior to our meeting and had encouraged his friend to open up about his life.

Grant gave me a quick tour of his home, complete with a makeshift gym in a large shed in the back garden. Despite his gentle way of speaking it is eminently clear that Grant is a tough guy. A proper tough guy. One of those men who do not feel the need to tell everyone how handy they are or that they are in good nick — it is right there for all to see.


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